When I was younger, prison visitation booths were the only way I could see my biological father and are one of the most vivid memories I have of him. “When I Don’t Remember You” is a multi media installation made to allow the viewer to experience a little part of my childhood.
I accomplished this by building a replica of the visitation booths that is accompanied by an audio of my thoughts and personal conversations as reflections I’ve had about the absence of my father. This allows the viewer to experience the act of sitting at the booth and picking up the phone as you would when visiting a loved one of yours in prison. Lastly, there are images surrounding this installation that show the bond between a single mother and daughter as well as looking into my southern family’s tradition/ritual and its use of moonshine after a loss in our family. This installation to me is the beginning of my healing process with the understanding that I’ve never experienced a true father-daughter relationship with my biological father and I’ve lost hope in having one. This is laying to rest the need or want for this relationship.
                  "She Sees All"
Documentation of work displayed in The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA.