Kayla Nichelle Jones
Kayla Nichelle Jones (b. 1999) is a working interdisciplinary artist based in Virginia. In 2022, she received an honorary BFA in Photography/Film at Virginia Commonwealth University. Faced with witnessing the reoccurrence of generational traumas as a child, Jones' work often takes a personal view on self, childhood memories involved with trauma, and the bond of relationships. Jones’ major bodies of work explore heavily in the importance of a relationship between a daughter and her father and the negative effects when there is a lack of a relationship. Jones dives into the personal traumas she has experienced in her childhood with her father being an addict and incarcerated through image making and the use of archival photographs and documents. She creates text and audios of narration, conversations and interviews to help tell her story as well as tell the stories of the ones closest to her.

                                                                                                                            Photograph by Em White